Technoton workshop series “Advanced machinery telematics 2022”

Technoton telematics workshop 2022

Technoton telematics workshop in Johannesburg, May 30, 2022.

Telematics markets around the globe are getting back on track – number of projects are restoring to pre-pandemic level, face-to-face telematics events became even more valuable way of communication. Technoton is glad to be back in South African Republic again!

The day before Securex exhibition, Technoton will host “Advanced machinery telematics” workshop in Johannesburg. At the workshop, we will show telematics product updates, new products  and outlook to telematics market for 2022-2023. We will also discuss recent technology development in vehicle telematics and IIoT, carry out quick practice in telematics system build up and configuration.

Looking forward to meeting our long-term partners, new telematics market professionals, machinery fleet owners.

Telematics workshop date and place

May 30, 2022
Hotel Premier Midrand

187 3rd Road, Halfway Gardens, 1685 Midrand, South Africa

Telematics workshop schedule

8:30 –9:00

greeting coffee, “nice to meet you” time


Technoton in 2019-2022, overview of product changes. New products for telematics and IIoT.

Agenda of the workshop.
Quick overview of Technoton in 2019-2022.
Changes in products for fuel monitoring, CAN bus data reading, telematics data processing and location tracking. New products and outlook to 2022-2023.


coffee break, opinion-sharing


S6 Technology – a tool for advanced machinery telematics. Benefits of implementing S6 Technology.

Comparison of market segments: advanced machinery telematics and classical GPS vehicle tracking.
What is Technoton’s S6 Technology. How S6 ensures 100% compatibility, scalability and communication of sensors within single network of a complex machine.
Compatibility of S6-based products with Teltonika, Ruptela, Bitrek and other GPS trackers. Examples of networks based on S6 Technology.


lunch, networking


S7 Technology – handy Bluetooth-based technology in wireless sensors.

What is Technoton’s S7 Technology. Benefits and restrictions of using BLE in telematics.
How do wireless fuel level sensors, fuel flow meters and axle load sensors are configured and operated. Driver’s smartphone apps for wireless data reading.


coffee break, experience-sharing


Technoton’s projects and use cases of S6 and S7 Technologies.

Business cases from Technoton partner network. Challenges and solutions. Photos of installations. Discussion and opinion-sharing.


Practice – training to create and configure S6-based network of sensors.

Teamwork on connecting and configuring sensors using S6 Technology. Setting up CANUp telematics gateway for detecting quick Events, generating Alarms and Reports.
Rewards to most active workshop participants.


Q&A session, informal chat time

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